Sunday, January 17, 2010

Blessings in Disguise

So the past month has been rather emotional for me. Partly because I kept getting told that I would go into labor 'any day now' and obviously didn't, and partly that well I'm just pregnant and it comes with the territory. Most of the time I've been pretty good about staying upbeat and not getting discouraged however at night, especially while Aaron is gone it is a little harder to remain as Aaron put it ,'logical'. So with that preface let me share two instances in which my emotions got the better of me and I was truly being cared for by my Heavenly Father.

The first was about a week ago. We thought our little guy was coming any time and I was so anxious at night about something going wrong or not being able to get a hold of Aaron. I was also having contractions all the time that sleep was evading me and I was exhausted. Aaron had to go into work at 8 that night so I had been alone for an extra long night. It was about 4:30 in the morning with only two hours of sleep behind me. I basically had a complete meltdown right then. I decided to call Aaron and at least talk for a minute or two but he didn't pick up. But not a minute later I heard the door open and he walked in. He had gotten his work done early and his boss let him come home early (this never happens). He got my call as he was pulling in. I knew that it was a small tender mercy from the Lord that Aaron was able to be home at the exact moment I needed him the most. I was then able to calm down and sleep the rest of the night with my wonderful understanding husband.

The second happened last night. I was trying to sleep but it was escaping me again when I had the realization moment that I know nothing about being a parent. Another freak out moment. I started telling Aaron that I didn't know what I was doing, I didn't know what to do if he got sick or if he cried all night etc. You can imagine the long list. Aaron did his best to help me realize I would be fine however today at church everything I heard answered every fear I had. We talked about being children of God and our talents we have and the guidence he gives us in Relief Society and it seemed like every comment was directed at my fears of being a mother. Then our regular sunday school teacher didn't show and we went to the family relations class where (go figure) they talked about raising children with the spirit and that we are not left to teach our children on our own. It was exactly what I needed. If nothing else this little guy was delayed just so I could go to church today and recieve that guidance because it will definatly be needed in the upcoming years.

I am so grateful for the small blessing that I have been given and the knowledge that my Heavenly Father truly knows what I need when I need it.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Season!

So here I was thinking that I was going to have all of this free time on my hands that I would need to fill. Boy was I wrong. I have had a more lax schedule however most of that has been spent with my amazing husband now that we get to see each other for more than an hour a day! It is wonderful. With the Christmas season nearly over I realized that I should really post something about Christmas and what a wonderful time of year it is.

Aaron and I have been talking a lot lately about the Christmas traditions we would like to start in our family since our little family is about to start. We had the chance to watch the Christmas devotional last night, better late than never, and I loved how much they talked about keeping Christ in Christmas. At first I was thinking, that seems harder and harder to do and yet then I realized how easy it has been for Aaron and I to keep Christ in our Christmas after all. the little things we did really made the spirit of Christmas. We have been visiting friends and building relationships, we have spent more time with each other and sang Christmas hymns in the evening. We have read our scriptures and watched the First Presidency's Christmas Devotional. We have set up my the nativity scene and tied to find ways to serve each other and those around us. We have sung and talked about Christ. I realized that it isn't always one big act of service or moment that makes Christmas Christmas but all of the little things during the season that help us remember or Savior.

I hope that everyone gets to enjoy the little moments of this season and the beautiful time of year it is. I am forever grateful for the sacrifice of my Savior and the joy of celebrating his birth each year. Merry Christmas! And may everyone find Christ in Christmas this year. Please feel free to comment about the little things you enjoy during the Christmas season.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Divine Linage

So here is my first deep thinking post I guess you could say. A few nights ago Aaron and I were talking and I got to thinking about how amazing it is to realize that I am truly a daughter of God. It seems like one of those things that I have always known but I only gradually gain a full understading of what it really means. I realized that if I truly understood it I would be a different person in the way I think of myself and the way that I treat those around me. So my newest goal is to gain an true understanding of what it means to be a child of God.

I realized that disguising our true heritage and potential is one of satan's greatest deceptions that we can fall into. He doesn't have to convince us to commit some great sin, instead if we believe we aren't one of God's choice sons or daugheters we allow ourselves to live a lesser standard because we don't think we are good enough anyway.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Just Thinking

So I have been comtemplating for a while now starting up some kind of thankful list or recognition of the 'tender mercies' of the Lord. I realize that I have been blessed with so much but I tend to go by without really noticing the small joys in life that I have. This month I have been thinking a lot about everything I have and wanted some way to record it. In the Ensign this past month there was a short article about sharing the gospel through the internet. One particular section was on blogging and sharing our experiences through blogs even though we may not realize if we make a difference to others or not.

After finishing my internship last week and starting to have more time on my hands as well as looking forward to the newest member of our family, I realized that if I wanted to get something started and get in the habit of it, I had best start now. I am hoping that by having something I update regularly will help me share and keep my eyes open to the joys around me and the joys of being a mother. Here's to a new hobbie and hopefully a consistent one.